Hello! Welcome to DrawYourDinner.com! This site is very much a work in progress, and if I could figure out how to get one of those fancy yellow and black "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" banners on here, then that's what you would be seeing!


The primary base of Draw Your Dinner is currently a group that I set up on Facebook here. Please take a moment to click the link and join the group.... have a nose around and get a feel for what Draw Your Dinner is all about! If you're too lazy to do that, continue reading for the tiniest of tastes of what you can expect when DrawYourDinner.com goes live!

Well as the name suggests, this is a site which welcomes, nay, encourages you to submit a drawing of your favourite meal.

This started as a bit of fun between myself and Rob Anderson... and after a successful, paper based trial period, I feel it is now time to move onto the international, electronic playing field!

There are few rules, but please observe the following:

1) The meal must be home cooked, not a take-out or "ready meal". However, pre-packaged foods are allowed. For example: pies, slices and other savouries; tinned foods such as beans or sweetcorn; pre-prepared meat or fish products such as ham, bacon, sausages and burgers are all acceptable.

2) The drawing must be your own work, even if a parent, sibling or loved-one prepared the meal, the drawing must be done by yourself. 

3) It doesn't matter if you are no artist, just try to convey the fundamentals of your meal in whichever format you feel most comfortable with. Scanned pictures drawn by hand are acceptable, as are graphic designs made on MS Paint or similar. PHOTOGRAPHS of the actual meal are not allowed!

Repeated abuse of the rules above may result in you being banned from this group, and I'm sure nobody wants that! 

Have fun now people!




















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